Keynote Speakers

Todd McKinnon

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-Founder, Okta

Todd McKinnon Okta

Todd McKinnon

Todd McKinnon is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Okta. He is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the overall vision and strategy for the company. Under Todd’s leadership, Okta has grown into the leading identity solution with hundreds of enterprise customers.Prior to Okta, Todd served as the Head of Engineering at, where he helped grow the team from 15 people to more than 250, and the service from two million daily transactions to more than 150 million with industry-leading performance and reliability.

Todd also has nearly a decade of experience working in various engineering and leadership roles at PeopleSoft.Todd earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Brigham Young University and his master’s in computer science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is as a regular contributor to industry publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune and the Wall Street Journal Accelerators. Todd also serves on the Board of Directors for Family House, a not-for-profit organization that provides temporary housing to families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at the University of California-San Francisco Children’s Hospital. Todd also enjoys exercising and spending time with his family.

Marc Andreessen

Co-founder & Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Marc Andreessen Andreessen Horowitz

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen is best known as coauthor of Mosaic, the first widely used Web browser; as cofounder of Netscape Communications Corporation and as cofounder and general partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Nate Silver

Author, Statistician, FiveThirtyEight

Nate Silver FiveThirtyEight

Nate Silver

Nate Silver has become today’s leading statistician through his innovative analyses of political polling. He first gained national attention during the 2008 presidential election, when he correctly predicted the results of the primaries and the presidential winner in 49 states. In 2012, he called 50 of 50 States. Today, Nate is pioneering the new field of data journalism with his award-winning website FiveThirtyEight. Recently relaunched in partnership with ESPN, FiveThirtyEight will allow Nate to explore a wider range of areas than he covered at the New York Times, including politics, sports, science, and more. Nate’s approach to data-driven, probabilistic thinking is one of the great ideas of our time. In addition to his work on FiveThirtyEight, Nate is an author of The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - But Some Don’t, published in 2012 and appears on ESPN as an on-air commentator.

Pat Grady

Sequoia Capital

Pat Grady Sequoia Capital

Pat Grady

A Wyoming native, Pat’s first job was putting roofs on houses… but he didn’t truly appreciate what it means to be a builder until he shared in the ups & downs of creating a company. Since joining Sequoia Capital in 2007, Pat has been singularly focused on supporting the next generation of great technology entrepreneurs. He gravitates toward people with the courage to bulldoze incumbents (ServiceNow, Okta, Birst, Qualtrics) and the audacity to break new ground (Jive, HubSpot, Achievers, Medallia). Pat is a casual cyclist (road or mountain), an enthusiastic snow bum (one plank or two), and a big believer in the renaissance of the enterprise. Prior to Sequoia, Pat was an inside salesman, an investor in a variety of sectors, and an undergrad at Boston College.

Frederic Kerrest

Chief Operating Officer
& Co-Founder, Okta

Frederic Kerrest Okta

Frederic Kerrest

Frederic Kerrest is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Okta. He is responsible for Okta’s day-to-day operations, working with employees, partners and customers to deliver on the company’s mission of leveraging the cloud to make people more productive and IT more secure. As a key member of management, Frederic helps set corporate priorities to drive success for the company and its customers.Frederic is passionate about enterprise technology and has spent almost two decades driving corporate efficiency via innovative software solutions. Prior to co-founding Okta, he worked at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, where he evaluated enterprise software investment opportunities and helped portfolio companies strengthen their operations and Go-To-Market strategies. From 2002 to 2007, Frederic worked in sales and business development at, where he started and built the Latin America sales organization, Mobile group and OEM / Reseller programs and was a two-time Peak Performer Sales Award recipient.

Prior to, he co-founded and served as director of technology at an award-winning high-tech consulting firm. Frederic began his career in a variety of enterprise software development and management roles.Frederic earned a French Baccalauréat (Sciences) from the Lycée International de St. Germain-en-Laye in France, a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he was the 2008 MIT Patrick J. McGovern, Jr. Entrepreneurship Award recipient.Frederic currently serves as an advisor to early stage software companies and a mentor at the MIT Trust Center for Entrepreneurship and the Stanford StartX Accelerator program. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading historical biographies, playing ice hockey and supporting the San Jose Sharks.

Eric Berg

Chief Product Officer, Okta

Eric Berg Okta

Eric Berg

Eric Berg is a seasoned product and marketing leader with over 20 years of experience across engineering, marketing and business development for both early stage SaaS companies and high growth software businesses within larger organizations. With Okta since early 2010, he is currently focused on company and product strategy, product management, product marketing, technical marketing and platform evangelism.Prior to Okta, Eric served as the VP of Product Management and Marketing for Apptio, the market leading SaaS provider of IT financial management solutions, the Director of Product Management at Microsoft, and the Director of Product Marketing and Business Development at Ensim.

Eric also has experience working at Goldman Sachs and Intel, where he held a variety of engineering management, technical marketing and product management positions.Eric earned his bachelor’s in electrical engineering at the University of Washington and his MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Eric also enjoys running, cycling and spending as much time in the outdoors as possible with his family.

Krista Anderson

Chief Customer Officer

Krista Anderson Okta

Krista Anderson

Krista Anderson is Chief Customer Officer at Okta, charged with ensuring world-class customer support, customer success and training programs across a global customer base that spans many geographies, industries and use cases.Anderson brings more than 13 years of experience to Okta, delivering superior levels of adoption, loyalty and customer satisfaction for both enterprise and small business customers. Prior to joining Okta, she served as senior vice president, Customers for Life at, where she managed a portfolio comprising the largest and most strategic enterprise customers, including HP, Cisco, Dell and Allergan.

In her last 12 months with the company, Anderson redefined the company’s customer onboarding program, established a global process for identifying, triaging and managing at-risk customers en masse and launched the global customer community enabling customers to collaborate and learn from each other.Krista earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Oregon. She also enjoys skiing, traveling and, less frequently, home remodeling and interior design projects.

Peter Markos

CIO, Rotary International

Peter Markos Rotary International

Peter Markos

Peter Markos leads a global team of more than 130 men and women who are responsible for Rotary’s data processing, facilities, printing and distribution, and travel operations as well as all of the organization’s technology needs. He helped establish the organization’s Information Technology Development Center in Pune, India. Markos graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in economics, and has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Michael Ibbitson

CIO, Gatwick Airport

Michael Ibbitson Gatwick

Michael Ibbitson

Michael was appointed as Chief Information Officer of Gatwick in May 2012. In the last couple of years Gatwick IT have embarked on an ambitious transformation, innovating in the use of cloud services to improve the passenger experience and airport operations. Prior to Gatwick he was leading the IT team at Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), he also led an IT team at Mumbai Airport, and was part of the Bechtel teams at New Doha International Airport and the Iraq reconstruction program.


Event Schedule and Tracks

Monday, November 10 - Registration & Welcome Reception

12:00pm - 7:30pm
Registration & Information Desk Open
5:30pm - 8:00pm
Welcome Reception

Tuesday, November 11 - Welcome Keynote, Breakout Sessions & Party

7:00am - 6:00pm
Registration & Information Desk Open
8:15am - 10:30am
Opening Keynote
Speakers: Todd McKinnon, Okta; Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight

Connecting the Cloud & Mobile World

Cloud computing and the emergence of the ‘mobile-first’ enterprise present incredible opportunities for IT leaders to deliver truly frictionless and productive end-user experiences. At the same time, these same transitions give application developers and software providers the opportunity to re-define how they engage with customers and partners and rapidly build software that differentiates their business or even completely disrupts their industry. Okta’s vision is to make these opportunities possible by delivering an identity-centric network for IT to centrally manage and secure the cloud and mobile world, and for developers and software providers to build solutions that are inherently enterprise-ready. Todd will share this vision and the company’s progress to date and, along with a few customers and critical partners, will unveil the next critical phase in the evolution of the Okta network. 


Todd McKinnon - CEO, Okta; Nate Silver - Author, Statistician, FiveThirtyEight

10:30am - 10:45am
Networking Break
10:45am - 11:30am
Top 10 Mistakes That Prevent A Healthy Active Directory
Speaker: Adam Steed, W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital

As we leverage Okta to allow us to integrate with more web application, your dependency on Active Directory increases. Over the years I have seen some very commonly made mistakes from very large organizations to very small ones. Understanding the top 10 list you will be surprised really how common these mistakes are made. A few of the items on the top 10 list are:

  • Why does my login randomly fail and the time server settings everyone forgets to make on Domain Controllers
  • Forgetting to get a registered OID for your PKI and how this means we all can't be friends
  • Overcoming your fear of ADSI edit and places in the AD Schema everyone forgets to cleanup over time
  • Not understanding the most important part of a PKI and hint it's not the certificate server it's a text file
  • Why can't we all just use SQL the dangers and pitfalls of Virtualizing Microsoft Active Directory products that use JET databases
  • All those DNS directories that start with underscore and why you should actually go inside them

Adam Steed - Director of Information Security, W. J. Bradley Mortgage Capital

10:45am - 11:30am
Gatwick Airport in the Clouds
Speaker: Michael Ibbitson, Gatwick

This session will take the audience through the journey of a traveller from Home to Airport and back again, demonstrating how Gatwick Airport's SaaS strategy interacts with traverlers along the way. We'll also show a the day in the life of a Gatwick Airport staff member utilising  SaaS services including. Box, ServiceNow, Yammer and more. This customer spotlight presentation will dive into some of the specifics of Gatwick Airport's SaaS strategy, especially the generic business case and how the team looks at security and resiliency of our IT services.

Michael Ibbitson - CIO, Gatwick Airport

10:45am - 11:30am
Security and Authentication In The Mobile Moment
Speaker: Tyler Shields, Forrester

Security is chasing the mobile moment. Mobility has completely revamped how we interact and conduct business on a daily basis. As security professionals, we no longer have the luxury of implementing the most locked down, super tight, ultra-secure solution and telling our customers and employees to live with it. In this presentation I will provide data on how security and authentication must change to be a productivity enabler to mobility. How enterprises should retool their thinking to include the concept of mobile moments and a secure IDEA cycle (S-IDEA). Security and authentication in mobility isn't something you can just drop in. It requires work and effort. At this presentation you'll learn what it takes to implement successful mobile authentication.

Tyler Shields - Senior Analyst, Forrester

10:45am - 11:30am
Securing Access to Customer and Partner Portals
Speaker: Ed Sawma, Okta

Many enterprises are building customer or partner portals that leverage the cloud to provide more information and experiences for external users. The downside is that partners may end up with multiple logins, managing access can become cumbersome and organizations want to avoid creating partner users in Active Directory.  Okta has enabled organizations to rapidly deploy new applications to external portals, and securely manage access.

Ed Sawma - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta

10:45am - 11:30am
Enterprise Grade Cloud Security 
Speaker: David Baker, Okta

Adoption of cloud and mobile services is exponentially accelerating within the Enterprise. Not only are the applications best-of-breed, but the services are cheaper and far easier to setup and run. But at what cost to security? At the end of the day, the Enterprise has to hand over some data in exchange for the services provided. How is my data protected? Who has access to our data? How is our data segmented from other customers of the service? David Baker, Chief Security Officer of Okta, meets with hundreds of enterprise IT and security personnel each year to discuss these concerns and more. Okta helps Enterprise's manage identities and application access in the cloud, on-premise, and even for their own customer and partner facing application services. Mr. Baker will discuss the main Enterprise security concerns moving to cloud and mobile services and how leading service providers are solving them.

David Baker - Chief Security Officer, Okta

10:45am - 12:30 pm
Lab: Okta 101
Speaker: Bill Miller, Okta

This hands-on lab shows how to integrate users and applications into Okta.  During this lab, you will install Okta's AD agent, import users from Active Directory and configure one enterprise application. REREQUISITE: Students must bring an internet ready laptop running a virtual machine Win2k8R2 or higher, Active Directory and IIS installed. 

Bill Miller - Technical Instructor, Okta

11:45am - 12:30pm
Okta and HR-Driven IT Provisioning
Speakers: Clint Sorensen, Overstock; Bob Stephan, SMC Corp; Lee Murray, CPSG Partners; Cody Suders, Okta

Listen to Clint Sorensen from and Bob Stephan from SMC Corp of America discuss different paths chosen, while seeking the same 'Truth.'  They will share how they used Okta and the Universal Directory feature in conjunction with Workday to provide a single point of reference for employee data in the organization.  The session is moderated by Cody Suders from Okta.

Clint Sorensen - Senior Manager of Technology Systems, Overstock; Bob Stephan - Application Services Manager, SMC Corp; Lee Murray - Sr. Principal, CPSG Partners; Cody Suders - Associate Technical Consultant, Okta

11:45am - 12:30pm
Creating a Cloud Security Policy
Speaker: Chris Niggel, Charles Nwatu LinkedIn

As security professionals in a dynamic, fast-growing enterprise, we faced significant challenges in enabling the business to move quickly while ensuring our corporate and member data is adequately protected. In order to meet this requirement, LinkedIn needed to put a framework in place to enable our employees to make informed decisions about how and where to use them. In this presentation we’ll share how we created a policy by combining industry best practices, resources from the Cloud Security Alliance, PCI-DSS, and other sources. We'll also show you how to leverage our work to make your own policy. This non-technical presentation is aimed at IT & Security directors and policymakers.

Chris Niggel - Cloud Security and Identity Management, LinkedIn; Charles Nwatu, LinkedIn

11:45am - 12:30pm
A User-Centric Approach to Collaboration and Identity Management
Speaker: Annie Pearl, Box; Andy Nallappan, Avago 

IT should be built around people, not the other way around. To foster collaboration that is about people and how they interact with each other around content, an enterprise platform must support both end-user needs as well as complete identity lifecycle. This session will discuss how real-life businesses build a modern and secure collaboration platform with Box and Okta for both internal and external identities.​

 Annie Pearl - Director of Enterprise Product, Box; Andy Nallappan - Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Global Information Technology, Avago

11:45am - 12:30pm
ACT: A New Perspective on Security
Speaker: Daniel Chiang, Slalom

Why do the old methods of tackling IT Security fail in today's market? We explore how Security is more than just a set of technology tools and introduce the ACT (Awareness, methodology as the new market standard for creating and sustaining a strong Security program for organizations.

Daniel Chiang - Security Consultant, Slalom

12:30pm - 1:30pm
Birds of a Feather Networking Lunch
1:30pm - 2:15pm
Rolling Out The Red Carpet; How To Treat Your Users Like Rock Stars
Speaker: Sam Dresser, School of Rock; Mike Brophy, Okta

Your challenge: teach a drummer how to access and use these 5 different systems

  • Technology is hard to understand; people understand it less and less (in some ways)
  • Your job is to make it work and anticipate problems and needs (think of that drummer), treat them like the rock stars they are!
  • Setting up Okta (how do people get started, what do the emails say, how are they worded)
  • Implementing Okta (training for new users, how do they get started)
  • Supporting Okta (how do people get help?)
  • Making your technology Okta-centric (self service apps, the new UI with tabs and icon organization, support strong and unique passwords)
  • Make sure you go to the concert (help desk, go to where the users are, observe and ask questions, etc.)
  • Wrap-up: Be the best roadie in the world.

Sam Dresser - Director, School Information Systems, School of Rock; Mike Brophy - Director, Customer Success, Okta

1:30pm - 2:15pm
Okta with Microsoft Office 365 – Deep dive and Case Study
Speakers: Hassen Karaa, Simon Thorpe, Okta; Justin Stanford, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Have you deployed Office 365? Are you looking at doing so? Then joins us in this session, we will walk through how Okta can dramatically speed up and optimize your Office 365 deployment. We'll demo the latest enhancements to Okta's Office 365 integration, Justin Stanford from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) will discuss his deployment and Okta product management, will tell you about what's coming.

Hassen Karaa, Sr. Product Manager, Okta; Simon Thorpe - Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Okta; Justin Stanford - Senior Systems Engineer, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

1:30pm - 2:15pm
How Delta Hotels switched out their IdM solution with Okta without disrupting users
Speaker: Shawn Drape, Delta Hotels

An examination of how Delta Hotels and Resorts was able to migrate over to Okta without disrupting users, administrators, business processes or service expectations. We'll cover challenges with running two IDM solutions at the same time, a piecemeal approach to SSO cutovers, and how the Okta Platform allowed Delta Hotels to minimize end-user impact while demonstrating value from the outset.

Shawn Drape - Application Developer, Delta Hotels

1:30pm - 2:15pm
Flip Shadow IT from Concern to Opportunity with Okta + Skyhigh
Speaker: Harold Byun, Skyhigh; Mike Bartholomy, Western Union

IT leaders are seeking for ways to better enable employees in the new cloud and mobile world. At the same time, their information security requirements remain stringent. The good news is that these objectives don’t have to be at odds with each other. They can have the cake and eat it too. This session will highlight how Western Union successfully utilized technologies from Okta and Skyhigh together in flip Shadow IT from Concern to Opportunity, enabling their employees to use cloud services they needed without sacrificing data security and compliance. IT leaders from Western Union will share practical guidance on how visibility into cloud usage elucidated users’ needs, helped identify services that should be managed through Okta, and informed more intelligent security practices. Finally, they will also share how they are expanding Okta beyond corporate only services to offer worker’s convenience and improve their own corporate security profile.

Harold Byun - Head of Product Management, Skyhigh; Mike Bartholomy - Senior Manager, InfoSec, Western Union

1:30pm - 3:15 pm
Okta for Developers - Advent Software Use Case
Speaker: Greg McClellan, Advent; Karl McGuinness, Okta

With thousands of financial institutions accessing the online Advent Direct™ Community, Advent Software uses Okta’s identity layer to enhance security while providing seamless access to help Advent clients, partners collaborating on the Advent cloud platform.  In this session we'll share new features of Okta's platform capabilities and best practices through the Advent Direct™ Community use case.

Greg McClellan, Advent; Karl McGuinness - Director, Platform Product Management, Okta

1:30pm - 3:15 pm
Lab: Okta New Technology
Speaker: Shyam Rangaratnam, Okta

Join us for an interactive demonstration of major improvements to Okta identity management. Through hands-on activities, you will explore new technology that extends the capabilities of Okta administrators, enhances the end user experience, and improves the security of your enterprise.

Shyam Rangaratnam - Technical Instructor, Okta

2:30pm - 3:15 pm
The Business Case for Okta
Speaker: Katie Hahn, Okta; Mike Dinsdale, DocuSign

Purchasing technology is no small decision! Businesses often need to provide financial justification for these investments. In this session, we will discuss the business case of buying Okta, including the IT savings, end-user productivity and security benefits customers receive. Mike Dinsdale, CFO of DocuSign, brings a CFO’s perspective to this session.

Katie Hahn - Product Marketing Manager, Okta; Mike Dinsdale - CFO, DocuSign

2:30pm - 3:15 pm
Taking Okta Verify and Strong Authentication to the Next Level

In this presentation we’ll talk more about enhancing Okta’s strong authentication solution with an eye toward the future of identity and security. We’ll demonstrate some key new functionality as well as some forward looking concepts.

Ryan Carlson - VP, Product Marketing, Karl McGuinness - Director, Platform Product Management, Okta

2:30pm - 3:15 pm
Beyond SSO: How Cox Automotive Leverages Advanced Capabilities in Okta
Speaker: John Sewall, Gary Burpo, Cox Automotive; Christian Mayoros, Okta

Okta on Steriods! Using Okta and Universal Directory to solve Cox Auto’s growing businesses identity challenges and growth in a fast paced world. Learn how Cox Automotive, the parent company of AutoTrader and Manheim, is using Okta to manage multiple disparate Active Directories of two total separate companies with shared tools. Universal Directory is the foundation to their scalability needs for now and in the future with room to spare. With provisioning and de-provisioning, Okta is cutting IT-based costs and bring in efficiencies. Leveraging Desktop SSO, AutoTrader and Manheim are also seamlessly authenticating to Okta and simplifying the employee’s application experiences. Join this session to learn more from Cox Automotive.

John Sewall - Manager, Security Engineering, Cox Automotive; Gary Burpo - Enterprise Solutions Architect, Cox Automotive; Christian Mayoros - Senior Technical Consultant, Okta

2:30pm - 3:15 pm
Attacking & Securing The Cloud -  Automated and Manual Methods 
Speakers: Matias Brutti, Travis Morrow, Okta

Okta's Information Security Team is constantly searching for weaknesses in our product before attackers and looking for ways to improve defensively through automated and manual efforts. Defensive tasks range from automated virus scanning packages to the complex task of creating a fully integrated static/dynamic code analyzer into our SDLC. Offensive tasks range from manual and automated Network, Mobile, Agent, and Web Application Penetration Testing internally and externally with the goal of finding vulnerabilities before features are released. Attendants should take away an understanding of how Okta preemptively discovers vulnerabilities and proactively automates baseline security into our product. 

Matias Brutti - Principal Hacker, Okta; Travis Morrow - Sr. Penetration Testing Engineer, Okta

2:30pm - 3:15 pm
Working Better Together by Meeting Your Users Where They Are
Speakers: Candida Rodriguez, FICO; Kathryn Everest, Jive Software

For FICO, moving to the cloud was part of a larger business transformation. FICO was undergoing changes that would require new ways of working  and new ways of thinking  -  the whole company needed to become more “cloud-like”.  FICO’s transformation required people to connect, collaborate and communicate much more than ever before. To support this FICO used Okta to bring together FICO’s evolving cloud infrastructure, but also a powerful, but often neglected aspect – workstyle - enabled by Jive. Kathryn Everest of Jive and Bray Coleman of FICO will talk about FICO’s transformation journey and how to leverage your employees’ workstyle to achieve success.

Candida Rodriguez - Enterprise Community Manager, FICO; Kathryn Everest - Strategist for Communication and Collaboration Solutions, Jive Software

3:15PM - 3:45pm
Networking Break
3:45pm - 4:30pm
Amway marches toward SSO and Global ID: chasing identities in the World of Amway
Speaker: Gaston Zilleruelo, Amway, Jeff Nester, Okta

Identities and usage of Okta at Amway simply focused on employees, but then evolved to envision its broader external sales force – known as Amway business owners. Initially, Amway needed to provide its leading Amway business owners with a secure and seemless user experience via their existing identity information—without additional user registration or profile set up. This presentation is a real case study of Amway’s initial journey towards a strictly cloud-based SSO solution.

    Okta has provided:
  • Seamless portal-to-portal SSO user experience
  • Immediate external user authentication using existing identities
  • Reduced investment amidst a complex legacy environment
  • Established confidence in accommodating more complex future state use-cases with global affiliate deployments"

Gaston Zilleruelo - Principal Project Manager - Business Intelligence, Amway; Jeff Nester - Cloud Enterprise Architect. Okta

3:45pm - 4:30pm
Okta and Workday: Totally in Sync
Speaker: Kevin Huang, Workday; Tim Gu Okta

Okta makes Workday the starting point for employee onboarding, automatically provisioning user accounts in applications according to their Workday profile. Join us to see how the Workday-Okta Cloud Connect integration enables fast deployment for IT , increases app adoption for end users, and reduces total solution cost for procurement. We’ll show you how easy, simple, and secure the Workday-Okta integration is and how Workday maintains and supports it.

Kevin Huang - Product Manager, Configurable Security, Workday; Tim Gu - Product Manager, Okta

3:45pm - 4:30pm
Expanding Identity in the Cloud with Universal Directory
Speaker: Aaron Yee, Prab Kalra, Okta

Okta recently created Universal Directory (UD) to help connect every user with every device and every app. UD is a significant feature that allows one to feed more data into Okta and subsequently propagate it to desired targets. What exactly is UD? What does it look like? What can it do today? What will it do in the future? What use-cases are other customers solving with UD? This session will go into a detailed overview of one of Okta's newest features.

Aaron Yee - Technical Marketing Manager, Prab Kalra, Director, Technical Marketing, Okta

3:45pm - 4:30pm
Make the Most of your Active Directory with Okta
Speaker: Simon Thorpe, Eric Karlinsky, Okta;

Active Directory is the world's most used on premises identity directory, powering an estimated 90% of all major businesses. Moving to the cloud you want to leverage your investment in the data stored in Active Directory and Okta's new Universal Directory, advanced cloud service connectivity and updated AD Agents allow you to use Active Directory data far beyond your data center, to manage and influence information in cloud connected systems.

Simon Thorpe - Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Eric Karlinsky - Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, Okta

3:45pm - 4:30pm
The IAM Rube Goldberg Machine
Speaker: Clark Ardern, Jones-Lang LaSalle; Mike LaTouf, Okta

A Rube Goldberg Machine is an overly complex contraption, designed with a pictorial narrative to accomplish a simple task.  If you feel like your IAM solution behind the scenes requires increasingly more complex integrated solutions in order to enable your users to complete the simple task of logging on to an application, then this session is for you.  The first part of this session will take the audience through the integration of Okta for Multi-Factor Authentication into the an existing multi-solution IAM environment to support a key business requirement for a JLL customer.  The second part of the session will focus on the approach, solutions architecture and the plan to remove all existing IAM solutions and replace with Okta to simplify and hopefully retire the JLL IAM Rube Goldberg Machine once and for all.

Clark Ardern - Global Technology Officer, Jones-Lang LaSalle; Mike LaTouf - Director Professional Services, Okta

3:45pm - 5:45pm
Lab: Using the Okta API
Speaker: James Garvin, Okta

This hands-on lab shows the basics of how to use the Okta API.  We will discuss and show the usage of the Okta API, discuss extended user attributes with the Okta API, and using cURL commands to create users. PREREQUISITE: Students must bring an internet ready laptop with Chrome browser installed and a proper text editor for writing and reading API code. 

James Garvin - Technical Instructor, Okta

4:45pm - 5:45pm
Super-Session: Okta Product Roadmap and Q&A with Marc Andreessen
Speaker: Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz; Todd McKinnon, Eric Berg, Okta

Join our compelling super session to cap off the first day of Oktane14. Okta's Chief Product Officer, Eric Berg will walk through the latest product roadmap - sharing insights into future releases and product features. After the roadmap session, Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist and founder o​f Andreesen Horowitz will join Okta's CEO, Todd McKinnon for an inspiring Q&A session where they will discuss entrepreneurship & innovation, trends in enterprise software and more. You won't want to miss this Super Session!

Marc Andreessen - Co-founder & Partner, Andreessen Horowitz; Todd McKinnon - Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Okta; Eric Berg - Chief Product Officer, Okta

7:00pm - 10:00pm
Oktane14 Party at the Exploratorium

After a full day of learning, labs and sessions, kick back, relax and have fun at our Customer Appreciation Party on Tuesday night. Set on the Pier 15 of the beautiful San Francisco Embarcadero, The Exploratorium is a twenty-first century learning laboratory and eye-opening, always changing museum of hands-on exhibits and experiences. Plus we’ll have music, tastes from San Francisco's favorite neighborhoods and plenty of drinks - what’s not to like?

Wednesday, November 12 - Closing Keynote & Breakout Sessions

7:00am - 3:15pm
Registration & Information Desk Open
8:30am - 10:30am
Day Two Keynote
Speakers: Frederic Kerrest, Krista Anderson, Okta; Pat Grady, Sequoia Capital; Frederic Luddy, ServiceNow; Mike Dinsdale, DocuSign;
Peter Markos, Rotary; Michael Ibbitson, Gatwick

The Okta ecosystem is growing, built on a commitment to customer and partner success.  Sequoia Capital Partner Pat Grady will kick off the keynote and provide a unique perspective on the enterprise IT market and the rapidly accelerating pace of change driven by the adoption of cloud and mobile technologies.  Winning in this environment means every company is a technology company, and Grady will describe the insight and control required for success. Okta co-founder Frederic Kerrest will discuss how the Okta ecosystem is rapidly growing as it meets this need for control, and thus creating opportunities for customers and partners alike. ​ ServiceNow Chief Product Officer Fred Luddy will join Frederic on-stage to describe how industry has been revolutionized by technology, and how ServiceNow is leveraging Okta as a trusted identity layer.  Luddy will be joined by CIO of Gatwick Airport Michael Ibbitson, CIO of Rotary International Peter Markos, and CFO of DocuSign Mike Dinsdale to discuss how they are transforming their business with the strategic value of Okta. Chief Customer Officer Krista Anderson will reinforce Okta's unwavering commitment to customer success as the foundation of the growing ecosystem and Okta's plans to maintain our core values while scaling the organization and service. Concluding the morning, we will recognize the extraordinary achievements and loyalty of our customers and partners with our annual Oktane awards.

10:30am - 10:45am
Networking Break
10:45am - 11:30am
Enterprise Threat Level Red
Speaker: Rajesh Ram , Egnyte

Cloud, mobility and the internet of things represent an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent enterprise architectures, enable productivity and save costs. However, these trends also bring along a previously unseen level of threat to the enterprise. An enterprise adopting these capabilities can usher in tremendous benefits whilst making it's walls elastic and porous. This presentation will dissect the key threat vectors that IT organizations face today and provide a framework to manage and counter these threats.

Rajesh Ram - Co-Founder and VP Product Management, Egnyte

10:45am - 11:30am
Solving Cloud Security with Acronyms: An IAM and CASB Primer
Speaker: Assaf Rappaport, Adallom

There are two fundamental security concerns when it comes to securing enterprise data in the cloud. The first is the “Deprovisioning” problem: Ensuring employees and contractors cease having access to all enterprise resources as soon as they are terminated or discontinued. The second is the “Purview” problem: SaaS adoption fundamentally turns enterprise security on its head since users access SaaS applications from unmanaged devices (thereby circumventing endpoint protections and MDM) over non-corporate networks (thereby circumventing network protections like Firewalls and IPS). In this session, Assaf Rappaport, CEO of Adallom, will discuss how advancements in the Identity and Access Management complemented by a new breed of services called Cloud Access Security Brokers enable safe cloud adoption in the context of both external threats and compliance.

Assaf Rappaport - CEO, Adallom

10:45am - 11:30am
Streamlining the Digital Experience for Your Product
Speaker: Ed Sawma, Okta

Organizations of all sizes, such as Rotary International, are increasingly turning to the digital user experience as a way to reinvent their industries.  Software is no longer contained to one industry, as organizations from all verticals are now developing software.  Okta has become a key identity layer that enables developers to rapidly and securely roll out new customer experiences.  Even ISVs and ecommerce businesses are finding value in focusing on the end-user experience rather than building identity infrastructure.

Ed Sawma - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Okta

10:45am - 11:30am
Introducing ServiceNow Express
Speaker: Gerard Beaulieu, ServiceNow

Few things are as difficult in the IT support world as manual ticketing systems. They’re often dysfunctional, leaving you firefighting isolated incidents and making it tricky to reach resolution quickly. Without the help of an automated ticketing system, how can you ever be sure that the right person with the right skillset is on the job?

ServiceNow Express solves those big IT challenges with a power-packed set of integrated IT service management applications that are easy to deploy and use.

Join us for this session as you can see how ServiceNow Express can enable you to:

  • Stop managing your helpdesk with email
  • Simplify your work with Visual Task Boards
  • Track network assets without spreadsheets
  • Get One-click reporting on anything and everything

Gerard Beaulieu - Senior Product Marketing Manager, ServiceNow

10:45am - 12:30 pm
Lab: Enhanced Office365 Provisioning
Speaker: Matthew Travers, Okta

Enhanced Office 365 Provisioning:  Okta's enhanced provisioning allows a customer to fully synchronize user profiles from an on-premise directory server to Office365. This hands-on lab will demonstrate the procedures to integrate Office365 with Okta by eliminating the Dirsync requirement. PREREQUISITE: Students must bring an internet ready laptop. 

Matthew Travers - Technical Instructor, Okta

11:45am - 12:30pm
Building an IAM program from a Scratch - Experience with Okta
Speaker: Indranil Sanyal, SRI International

Over the last couple of years, Gartner has proposed a comprehensive list of features for enterprise identity and access management. Following the industry trends of hosting middleware components like identity and web services in the cloud, some of the components post interesting challenges. This session covers, from experience, an identity framework deployment with the Okta suite, while also addressing business team concerns about persisting identity data outside the firewall. The speaker narrates his experience towards evolution of a structured IAM program starting from a scratch amidst a host of standalone and 'shrinkwrapped' applications.

Indranil Sanyal - Sr Architect, IAM and Application Security, SRI International

11:45am - 12:30pm
Letting Customer Experience and Your Brand Shine - While Okta Does Identity Management
Speaker: Peter Markos, Rotary

For business building external web portals, understanding how Okta can be used to provide identity management without compromising their brand experience is critical. Okta manages authentications to Rotary’s public-facing site,, giving users a secure, transparent, single point of entry and enabling its 1.2 million members to securely collaborate and better ‘do good.’ Hear from Rotary International's CIO, Peter Markos, as he shares insights into how they implemented Okta. 

Peter Markos - CIO, Rotary International

11:45am - 12:30pm
How to be Secure.Vigilant.Resilient in the Cloud
Speaker: Jeff Margolies, Deloitte & Touche

While early efforts around cloud security were focused on the security of the cloud provider, much of the cyber security industry innovation over the past year has been focused on the enterprise’s role in securing the cloud.  Enterprise security teams need to enable the move to the cloud while protecting against new threats in shared controls environment, where both the cloud provider and the enterprise share responsibility for managing cyber risk.  From identity to data security to monitoring, a variety of solutions are coming onto the market.  We will discuss a vision for an integrated cyber risk framework that enterprises can start to deploy as they increasingly move their systems out of the protected enterprise and into the public cloud, continuing a path to become Secure.Vigilant.Resilient. 

Jeff Margolies - Principal, Deloitte & Touche

11:45am - 12:30pm
Evolving Okta's Service Architecture
Speaker: Hector Aguilar , Okta

The next evolution of Okta’s architecture is here! Take a deep dive with us into the new Cell architecture and learn how we deploy, measure, scale, test and monitor our service in the new cell world.​

Hector Aguilar - SVP of Engineering & CTO, Okta

11:45am - 12:30pm
Panel: User Centric IT
Speakers: Quinton Alsbury, Roambi; Jeff Morris, Good Data; Frederic Kerrest, Okta; Rand Wacker, Box; Chris Morace, Jive;

Whether at work or at play, we expect easy access to the apps and information that make us productive, whenever and wherever we need them – and from the device of our choice. At its core, User-Centric IT is about putting people first. It’s about empowering collaboration rather than impeding it. It’s about IT giving their team the tools, access, information when, where and how they want it. ​Join this panel with leaders from Box, Roambi, DocuSign and GoodData. Panel Moderator: Okta Co-Founder Frederic Kerrest.

Quinton Alsbury - Co-Founder and President of Product Innovation, Roambi; Jeff Morris - VP of Product, Good Data; Frederic Kerrest - Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Okta; Rand Wacker - VP of Enterprise Product, Box; Chris Morace - Chief Strategy Officer, Jive

12:30pm - 1:30pm
1:30pm - 2:15pm
Cloud + Mobile CSI: A Forensic Look at 3 Threats, and How to Address Them
Speaker: Krishna Narayanaswamy, Netskope

As mobile and cloud proliferate in organizations, security threats are changing. Join Krishna Narayanaswamy, Founder and Chief Scientist of Netskope, for a lively and approachable session on security threats as they involve mobile and cloud, with identity at the epicenter. Taking a forensic approach drawing on anonymized data seen in the Netskope cloud, Krishna will demonstrate three mobile + cloud security threats in the cloud and offer best practices for addressing them.

Participants will learn:

  • The changing nature of security threats as they seek to take advantage of mobile and cloud
  • Three threats we expect to see more of in 2015 and how to address them with advanced forensics
  • Preventive measures you can take now to mitigate threats to your mobile + cloud environment

Krishna Narayanaswamy - Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Netskope

1:30pm - 2:15pm
A Tale of Two Views: B2C vs. B2E
Speaker: Dan Mellen, Dillon Boyer, Accenture

Find out what are the major dynamics and differences between these two identity use cases, what's really important to each, what’s really not!  We’ll also cover what are the implications of design decisions (i.e. social authN, identity analytics) and if a customer can really use a single IAM platform to enable both use cases. Throughout the discussion, we’ll highlight what are the noteworthy benefits for Okta Partners, Okta Customers and Okta Customers’ Customers. 

Dan Mellen - Senior Manager, Accenture; Dillon Boyer - Senior Manager, Accenture

1:30pm - 2:15pm
An Enterprise Architect's perspective of the past journey and the road ahead
Speaker: Omar Keblawi, Informatica

This session will walk through Informatica's identity journey with an overview of their IAM environment, how they got here and the mistakes along the way that you should avoid. We will look at why Okta is the best choice for the Enterprise in terms of Security, Compliance, Integrations and availability. The session will help attendees understand how Informatica overcame some unique user provisioning deficiencies from a SaaS vendor. You will also hear about how Informatica automated account provisioning for the contingent worker using RemedyForce, used MFA to remove the VPN restrictions and their future plan to migrate customers credentials from on premise apps into Okta. This session will also touch on a strategy for identities in the event of a disaster.

Omar Keblawi - Enterprise Architect, Informatica

1:30pm - 2:15pm
Data insights from the Enterprise Identity Network
Speaker: Cathy Tanimura, Tim Gu Okta

One of the most exciting parts of running a SaaS business is the deep insight we gain into how users interact with Okta, apps, and devices across the Enterprise Identity Network. We collect millions of data each day on logins, app logins, admin actions and feature usage. We marry that with demographic and licensing data from our CRM system. The result is both broad views across our customer base, as well as deep views into the success of individual customers. In this session we’ll share insights on top apps, most popular features, and examples of how we measure customer success. We’ll also share a sneak peak at what’s ahead for enabling customers to put the power of data to work for them.

Cathy Tanimura - Director, Analytics & Big Data, Okta; Tim Gu - Product Manager, Okta

1:30pm - 2:15pm
The Future of Identity
Speaker: Karl McGuinness, Okta

Your identity system is no longer a single directory behind the firewall. Apps and services need consume identity across personal or managed devices with attributes that may not originate from your HR or IT department. Identity is the new currency. This session will explore the problems of scaling our existing identity architectures to address modern challenges.

Karl McGuinness - Director, Platform Product Management, Okta

1:30pm - 3:15pm
Lab: Universal Directory
Speaker: Ona Allison, Okta

 This hands-on lab will cover the basics of schema discovery and the usage of Universal Directory in attribute mappings and transformations. Lab attendees will create a custom attribute in an Active Directory schema and use this new attribute to extend the Okta user profile. PREREQUISITE: Students must bring an internet ready laptop running a virtual machine Win2k8R2 or higher, Active Directory installed.

Ona Allison - Technical Instructor, Okta

2:30pm - 3:15pm
Panel: Ask the Experts

Bring your tough questions!  Come to a panel discussion with a few of Okta’s technical leaders to learn more about how we architect and design the product.  This will be an interactive session with lots of Q&A from the audience. Panel will be moderated by Okta CEO Todd McKinnon.

Todd McKinnon - CEO, Jon Todd - Software Architect, David Baker - Chief Security Officer, Krista Anderson - Chief Customer Officer, Hector Aguilar - SVP of Engineering & CTO, Eric Berg - Chief Product Officer, Okta

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